10 steps olive oil lice treatment to kill head lice

Are your children having head lice? Then treat it as soon as possible with olive oil lice treatment, otherwise untreated head lice gets double and spread to other’s head also. Yes, when children fall on the bed, furniture set or other things, lice have attached to other members of your family too.

Apart from these, head lice transfer also through physical contact and sharing things with others. So, it’s can’t able to eliminate head lice permanently until your children crossed 18 years.

10 steps olive oil lice treatment to kill head lice:

Head lice are common for pre-school and elementary school children and it’s a proven fact by the scientific research, but there is no evidence for the reason why mostly children getting lice and where do it come from at first and how to cure it permanently. Therefore, treat your children or adults lice with homemade lice treatment. Below I give you the step-by-step guide for olive oil lice treatment.

Homemade Lice Treatment Steps

Step #1:

At first, determine that your children have a number of active head lice and its tiny eggs or not. If yes, then do the following steps.

Step #2:

Then apply harsh shampoo to remove any moisturizer or conditioner present on your child’s hair.

Step #3:

Do a smoothening process to increase the effectiveness of the olive oil. In order to do the smoothening process, ask to sit your children on the chair and place a plastic cover on the floor near to your child’s hair or use a bathtub.

Step #4:

Rinse your hair and scalpRinse your hair and scalp with any kind of olive oil. After that, cover the entire head with scalp by using a towel.

Step #5:

Make sure that your child’s head and hair near the neck and ear are inside the shower towel or elastic cap.

Step #6:

Leave the cap for 1 to 2 hours to smother the lice and to avoid escaping of lice from olive oil.

Additional tips:

If your children have severe infestations, then leave the cap for 8 to 10 hours. This will results you the elimination of severe condition.

Step #7:

After completion of 1 to 2 or 8 to 10 hours, remove the head shower towel and blot the hair with a disposable towel to filters out the excess water. And, dispose the removed towel carefully to prevent falling down of lice or its nits.

Step #8:

Buy a metal comb that specially designed for removing head lice and comb the hair. Comb out the head lice and its eggs and flush out the comb each time of single combing. And also, use a paper towel to clean comb frequently while combing.

Continue this combing until the hair is free from adult lice and eggs. Remove the paper towel carefully to the outside.

Step #9:

Now, wash the hair with liquid soap and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Do this washing and rinsing the hair for 2 times.

Step #10:

Divide the hair into 10 to 20 subsections and dry each section for 10 minutes to kill remaining lice and its eggs.

Just follow the above stated 10 steps twice a month to remove head lice completely.