10 Steps to Use Coconut Oil for Lice

Can coconut oil really work for my head lice problem? If like so, then how it clears lice from my head?  How to use coconut oil for lice? Are you wondering answer for these questions? Then exactly this is the right place to stop your search. In this article, I’ll share you the answer for your questions.

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10 steps to use coconut oil for lice

Naturally, coconut oil is rich in fatty acids, which has antibacterial property. This property helps you to remove adult lice and its nits from the hair by reducing glue with hair and lice, so lice easily eliminated from scalp and hair. Hence, coconut oil really works with head lice and it is safe too. Below I give you the 10 steps to use coconut oil for lice.

Step #1:

Take a small cup of coconut oil and add a tablespoon of tree tea oil. Mix this mixture well and apply completely on your hair and scalp.

Step #2:

Then cover your head with a plastic bag or shower towel. However, make sure that hairs on our ear and neck are fully covered by bag or towel. Because, even a single female louse can lay 4 to 5 eggs and moreover, it’s all are mostly in nearby ear and neck part of the scalp. Therefore, check twice or thrice times.

However, covering your head helps to avoid falling down of lice in your living room.

Step #3:

Now, sit in the area where sunlight exposure is high. And set the direction to get sunlight on the bag and wait the bag feels warm.

Alternative way:

Instead of sitting in a sunlight area, you can also use a hot hair dryer to warm the bag, but do be careful to get rid of melting the bag.

Step #4:

Carefully remove the bag or towel from your headCarefully remove the bag or towel from your head and dispose of it quickly, because there are more chances to spread adult lice or its nits in your home.

Step #5:

After that, immediately apply your regular shampoo without let the hair dry. And, massage the hair very well.

Step #6:

Again cover your head with new plastic bag or towel and leave it for 30 minutes. This will break down the oil in your hair.

Step #7:

Now, rinse your hair fully with normal water.

Step #8:

Then comb the hair during its wet condition. Start comb from neck and work through the entire area of the scalp to remove dead and alive adult lice.

Additionally, use a special kind of comb for lice to remove lice eggs. Split the hair into more than 10 subsections and combs each section thoroughly, one section at a time.

Step #9:

While combing each section, flush out the comb or use disposal paper to clean comb. All these are only to prevent falling of lice.

Step #10:

At first of washing your hair, still oil remains are there. So, now again wash the hair with shampoo to remove oil.

These are the 10 steps to use coconut oil for lice – one of the natural remedies for lice.