Does Hair Dye Kill Head Lice

Does hair dye kill head lice? Are you feeling lost or worried because of a head lice nuisance? Don’t panic. Stay here and read this entire article to hear some good news. In this post, I’m going to tell you one excellent way to get rid of head lice as soon. Does hair dye kill head lice? We’ll discuss this in the below part.

Before that, I’d like to tell you some information about head lice.

What the head lice are?

What the head lice areHead lice are nothing but a small insect, which cannot fly, swim and jump. But, one worse thing about the head lice is it can spread from one head to another and cause a nuisance to every human. Nevertheless, it cannot spread from human to animal and vice versa. It is best to treat the lice at its starting stage.

Problems you may face due to head lice:

I think you’re already quite familiar with the symptoms of head lice and even though, here, I’ll tell you a few symptoms of head lice in a brief manner.

  1. Seeing bugs on your head
  2. Feel like itchy sensation
  3. Finding lice eggs in your hair

Okay, let’s see what problems you may face due to the head lice.

Once you’ve been suffering from the head lice, it survives in your head and sucks your blood all day long. So, that you can lose your health and it gives an ugly look to your hair.

What is the lice incubation period?

Maybe you have the knowledge about lice incubation period. The lice eggs hatch within 10 days.

Does hair dye kill head lice?                                        

Do you believe hair dye in killing head lice? If you’re saying yes, then you’re almost right. Hair dye kills lice because the presence of ammonia content in it. Please note that hair dye kills lice but not nits.

How to kill nits

Are you tired of killing nits? Want to know how to kill nits in an efficient way? Alright, in this part, we’re going to discuss how to kill nits.

  1. Identify the nits:

In order to kill nits, you must find them. The female louse lays eggs at the base of the hair so that you can easily find the nits near the scalp and behind the ears.

  1. Apply vinegar:

Apply vinegar on your hair and massage your scalp completely by using the vinegar and leave it for 10-15 minutes. By the application of vinegar, surely, you’ll get rid of nits immediately and effectively.

  1. Comb your hair by using the comb nits:

Comb the nits by using the comb nit to kill the nits completely.

  1. Apply your hair dye:

By applying the hair dye help you to kill live head lice and on the other hand, it is not an effective way to treat lice.

  1. Apply lice and nit shampoo:

Finally, wash your hair with the lice and nit shampoo to kill the nits and lice found on your head.

I hope you’ve understood the ways to kill lice and nits by using various treatments such as hair dye, nit and lice shampoo, comb nits and so on.

Here is what lice looks likes in hair.