How Do The Head Lice Life Cycle Goes And Their Treatment

There are many things that you won’t know about head lice, lice only like clean hair they do not care about hair cleanliness. In this session, we presented you lots and lots of information with regards to lice likely, lice life cycle, things you must know about head lice and few natural treatments.

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Have you heard what is actually involved in the head lice life cycle? To get rid of these little parasites you are in need to know a little bit more about them, as how they actually live and give birth to.

Some steps involved in head lice life cycle clearly provided for your convenient:

  1. Some steps involved in head lice life cycle clearly provided for your convenientNits are the egg laid on the hair shaft.
  2. Louse emerges after 6 to 7 days
  3. First moult 2 days after hatching, the second moult 5 days after hatching and third moult 10 days after hatching
  4. 3rd moult as adult lice, now female begin to reproduce
  5. Female lay eggs 1 or 2 days after mating
  6. Lifetime duration 32 to 35 days then louse dies
  7. Approximately female lay 3 to 8 eggs per day.

By doing research on head lice life cycle, you get familiar with the methods of getting rid of them.

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5 things know about head lice:

The life cycle of head lice:

The whole life cycle of a head louse lies between 5 and 6 weeks. A newborn head louse is known as nymph; normally the baby head louse goes through 3 stages of metamorphoses and shedding into exoskeleton each time.

Head lice and little niche:

Probably the head lice living on the planet for over a million years ago and it has been infesting the human head for entire history.

Head lice feeding:

Usually, the head lice bite into the scalp and gradually suck the blood out of the skin. After the initial feast of human, it turns to brown or red colour.

Its intricate structure yet strong:

Head lice are fragile once get away from the human head, but they are very strong and can even become resistant. The head lice become resistant to certain treatment, and then switch over to another treatment.

Treatment only removes lice:

Combing only kills and removes the head lice and not the lice eggs. The eggs are very close to the scalp, saliva from female louse heavily sticks to the scalp, so we won’t remove any of eggs.

Treatment tips:

  • Coconut oil with apple cider vinegar
  • Coconut oil with garlic
  • Coconut oil with lemon, garlic and green tea.
  • Coconut oil with tree tea oil
  • Coconut conditioner
  • Coconut oil

The form above appended tip we judge that treatment of head lice is effective with coconut oil. Prefer natural ways to treat and prevent lice.