How do you get lice in your hair

Do you know how do you get lice in your hair? Having head lice is not like a kind of disease related to health, but it’s a common problem for every parent. Because children from pre-school or elementary school only carrying more numbers of head lice and so many parent and adult feel bad when they hearing you or your children have head lice from someone else.

Do you know how your children get lice? Want to know the answer to your question? Keep on read this article to get answer and solution to get rid of head lice.

How do you get lice in your hair?

Before knowing how do you get lice in your hair? Or how your child gets lice? You need to know few facts about head lice so that you stop your feeling bad with head lice.

Few facts about head lice:

  • Not only you or your child, there are almost 6 million people suffering from head lice every year.
  • If you have head lice, then it doesn’t mean that you’re dirty or your hair is in dirty. And, it’s not like you didn’t take care of your hair properly. Because lice don’t bother about the condition of hair and head. Finally, it doesn’t depend on poor hygienic and anyone can get lice.
  • You know, lice are survived only in human host especially in the head, hair and scalp. Apart from a human host, it can’t able to live any other places.
  • Head lice are not like other insects; it doesn’t cause any diseases, but it spreads from head to head.

Moreover, they’re plenty of treatments such as homemade lice treatment, prescribed medicines and so on. Therefore, don’t feel worse for having head lice.

How do I get lice?

Few facts about head liceNow, do you want to know how do I get lice? Then, plenty of ways are there to leads your hair with lice. However, you’ll get it mainly because of head to head contact. Below, I give you few ways which result in head lice.

Are you staying in a hostel? And sharing your bed with your room met? Then there should be more possibility for getting lice from your room met.

When you’re sharing your other things like a hair band, pillow, clothes, and hats and so on, you will get lice from others. It doesn’t visible for you if lice eggs are transferred from others to you.

Single female louse laid 4 eggs, so a small louse is more enough to multiply more and more lice.

How to get rid of head lice?

In order to get rid of head lice, you need to avoid head to head contact and sharing things with others. Additionally, choose any kind of homemade lice treatment and follow that for once a week or at least twice a month to keep your hair clearly without lice.

I hope now you clear on your question and got some ideas to prevent head lice.