Head lice are human parasites. It primarily feeds on the human blood by sucking on the human scalp, leaving a lymph node or a sore which can sometimes cause bacterial infections due to persistent itching and scratching. A louse can only survive about 20 – 48 hours without a blood meal. They are wingless, tiny, six-legged insect that lives on the human head, about 1/8 inch long about the size of a sesame however are fairly creepy to look at. The National Pediculosis Association is advocating the natural method of removing lice and nits along with the use of a lice comb and tweezers. It takes time and patience to be able to remove and successfully kill lice and nits along with this way. You have actually to comb the hair at least 5 times or more each day and remove the nits along with the tweezers.

There are so several prescription and over-the-counter medications that can treat head lice. These chemicals have actually been approved by the FDA to be safe for human use..And if you follow the instructions for the treatment that is used these products are scientifically proven to be generally safe and effective in eliminating the lice and killing their eggs. These products need to be used along with caution to avoid poisoning and irritation. Aside from the chemical treatment, there are additionally several organic or estate remedy to choose from:

1. Real mayonnaise- it is said that the mayonnaise suffocates the lice
2. Olive oil – disables the lice from moving or breathing
3. Vaseline – kills lice by suffocation
4. Coconut milk – used as a “mechanical” treatment of lice by suffocating them.
5. Tea tree oil – Tea Tree oil is rich in monoterpenoids, which are insecticidal agents toxic to a louse’s nervous system.

Another natural remedy for eliminating the head lice is the vinegar. I suggest you use apple cider or white vinegar. The acetic acid in the vinegar helps kill off the eggs. It is accessible, no side-effects and has actually been proven to eliminate head lice.

1. Apply white vinegar on your hair using a comb or spray directly on hair. Wrap hair along with shower cap or towel. Leave the vinegar on for 2-3 hours.
2. Apply baby oil.
3. Combed hair along with a fine toothed comb to remove dead lice and nits.
4. Shampoo hair along with mild coconut shampoo.
5. Thoroughly wash hair along with warm water.

Repeat this for three consecutive days to ensure elimination of the lice. Just be sure to apply baby oil or conditioner for ease of removing the nits. Inspect hair after 7 days for possible re-infestation of head lice.

To avoid re-infestation make sure to disinfect your personal belongings especially your towel, caps, head gears, beddings, hair curlers and comb using soap and water. If one member of the family is found to have actually head lice, it is possible that other members of your household are infested along with head lice. Use the nits comb to check if they have actually head lice. Treatment of the lice need to be done immediately.

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